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AFB Kit 122 - My Weekend Is All Booked - Made To Fit The Always Fully Booked Planner - Die Cut Stickers - Repositionable

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My Weekend Is All Booked weekly kit made to fit the Always Fully Booked Planner. Available as a full kit (with sheets A-F) for a cheaper price or buy each sheet individually.

Sheet A includes 1 weekend banner sticker, 3 full box stickers, 7 third boxes, and 3 quarter boxes

Sheet B includes 3 quarter boxes and 12 half boxes

Sheet C includes 3 book mail stickers, 3 currently reading stickers, 1 library books due sticker, 1 book club sticker, 1 read today habit tracker sticker, 1 update Goodreads habit sticker, 10 book icon stickers, 6 audiobook icon stickers, 6 ereader icon stickers, 2 me time stickers, 2 new release stickers, 5 book review stickers, and 2 book shopping stickers

Sheet D includes 5 star rating stickers and 6 washi strip stickers

Sheet E includes 6 full boxes and one washi strip

Sheet F includes 4 date header strips and 3 blank habit trackers

Do not purchase the custom sheet if you have not previously purchased the custom sheet listing. If you purchase the custom sheet, to go with this kit, it will include your custom sheet in the main 5 colors to match this kit.

This listing is for this exact sticker. If you're looking for different designs or a different set of colors, please see our shop for all available options.

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Perfect for the winter season! Love ❤️