About Us

The Shelfie Chronicles is a place for people that love books, book journals, paper planners, and all things bookish. We offer products to help in your reading journey and have an amazing community of fellow book lovers that gets bigger every day.


The Shelfie Chronicles was founded in July of 2021 by two best friends. After each running our own successful Etsy shops we decided to join forces and focus on something we both love: books and planners. The Shelfie Chronicles went from an idea to a live Etsy shop in less than a week. This time around, we didn't want to just open a shop, we wanted to build a community of fellow bookworms. 


When we aren't working on our shop, you can usually find us in our Facebook group, at Barnes and Noble, reading a book, or browsing book groups so we can add to our never ending TBR list. Oh, and sometimes we put our books down and pay attention to our husbands and children.